Adaptive SUP

At StandUp Panama we believe in the capacity of every person with a physical or cognitive disabilities, that is why we welcome people with disabilities in our paddling club. We have an adaptive  “chair” that we mount on a paddleboard for a person with limited mobility to be able to experience paddle boarding. We have hosted events like “Autism Wave” for teens with autism and their families; we love extending  this experience to any person with a disability who is willing and able to try it, come visit us, we are waiting to take you on an SUP adventure!


Adaptive SUP $50

Por 1-1.5 hours * Gratuity not included

  •   Class by PaddleFit and ISA - International Surfing Association Certified instructor
  •   Board Rental
  •   SUP Adaptive Chair
  •   PFD
  •   Leash
  •   Bottle of water
  •   Sunblock
  •   Towel
  •   Bathing suit or sports attire
  •   Change of clothes
  • Water shoes are optional
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning time of the class
we will not cancel a class because of a light rain, however if conditions are unsuitable/dangerous for water activities we will cancel and reschedule the class at your earliest convenience.