Coach & Founder

Arturo Del Busto

Arturo is the founder & owner of StandUp Panama. His love for the ocean started when he was ten years old and his cousins taught him how to surf in El Palmar Beach in Panama. He has built his reputation by sharing his passion for the ocean, not only within the surfing community, but also during his scuba diver years, when he was an active PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and most recently since he started practicing Stand Up Paddle Boarding/Sup Surfing and became a PaddleFit Certified Coach and began contributing to the ever developing stand up paddleboard community in Panama. Arturo is a committed activist for Adaptive SUP and has worked on numerous projects to maintain his country’s vibrant stand up paddleboard community active. “I feel the most alive, when I’m in the ocean… I also love photography, traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures and looking for good waves to Surf. The ocean has always been the place were I recharge my soul” he says…

PaddleFit & ISA Certified