StandUp Panama

StandUp Panama
Paddleboard Club & Retail Shop

Stand Up Paddle Sports

We are a stand up paddle club and SUP shop in Panama; We offer memberships, board storage, SUP lessons, tours, board rentals, new and used board sales, SUP accessories, essentials and more. StandUp Panama is located at The Beach House Hotel, next to the Mi Ranchito restaurant, at La Calzada, Amador.

La Playita de Amador, where our stand up paddle club is located, is a facility with access to the beach with bathrooms, dressing rooms, with a terrace, swimming pool and if you are hungry our friends at La Playita de Amador and Mi Ranchito Restaurant offer authentic Panamanian food and drinks. We have everything you need for a fun day of SUP to enjoy the beautiful waters of Panama.

Ask about memberships and board storage.

SIC Mahui
QuickBlade Paddles
Black Project Paddles Fins
Black Project Paddles Fins
Vamo SUP Accessories

Standup Paddle & SUP Surf Instructors

Arturo del Busto SUP Coach Founder

Arturo del Busto

Founder, SUP & SUP Surf Coach

Edonays Caballero SUP Coach

Edonays Caballero

SUP Coach & SUP Surf

Maria Cristina Canales

Maria Cristina Canales

SUP Instructor

Adolfo Juan SUP Assistant

Adolfo Juan

SUP Caddy & Super Assistant

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